Send a meal to an army family AND support a local business

Donate dinner to a family, platoon or a group of refugees

Thousands of Israeli residents, including soldiers, refugees, and volunteers, are currently away from their homes, residing in the area surrounding the Dead Sea.

Local residents of the region are doing their utmost to help by preparing hot meals, organizing accommodations, and activities that boost the nation’s spirit.

We are all working towards victory, and now we need your support.

Help take one thing off an Israeli's mom head!

We have a kitchen capable of preparing meat-based meals for hundreds of people every day.

Since the beginning of the war, we have already prepared hundreds of meals, with the goal of reaching 120 hot meals per day.

We organized a system of:

  • Transportation of raw materials
  • Cooking
  • Delivery of the meals to their destination.


We are Eliyahu and Netanel, residents of the Dead Sea region, involved in culinary and tourism business. We have been working on the “Asado in the Desert and Dead Sea” project for half a year, and the opening was planned for the beginning of winter on October 8, 2023.

With the outbreak of the war, we decided to dedicate our efforts as much as possible for the benefit of the refugees, soldiers, and numerous volunteers in the Dead Sea region.

We prepare the meals with all our


The ‘Asado in the Desert – Dead Sea’ food-truck is supervised by the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council and holds the required vending license

We purchase the products from best food market vendors in Israel, ensuring everything is fresh and preserved in refrigerators and freezers as needed.

The raw materials are kosher Lemehadrin and our business holds a kosher certification from the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea Rabbinate.

Now it's thanks to you!

Feel free to follow the preparation, transport, and delivery stages. Visit ‘Asado BaMidbar’ on Instagram. We will do everything to bring fresh and hot food as quickly as possible to the soldiers and families. 


A plated meal, including a luxurious meat dish, chips on the side, sweet drink/water, all packaged in a convenient personal box


Treat an entire family – 5 people with a luxurious meal. Including delivery to their Kibbutz or Yeshuv.


Treat the a hundred people. Either soldieres or families!

Donate a meal

בנק מזרחי ללא רקע

Pay to this bank account: 


Pay to this e-mail: yoni.alpert.ads@gmail.com

For other options please whatsapp Netanel / mail: Netanel@1bishvil.com 

Specify: for the food initiative in the Dead Sea – Iron Blades

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