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Dead Sea Bike Tours

Tour the gems of the Dead Sea - on our BIKES!

With this special tour, we opened our local tour company!

On a spring morning in May 2020, after our previous business had fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic a few months earlier, we woke up with a new idea. Two hours later, right in the midst of a typical lockdown, we visited a friend who was selling used bicycles.

From there, the business grew and expanded, and today it is one of the central tourism businesses at the Dead Sea.

Our bike tours offer a rare glimpse into the natural wonders (alongside human-made wonders) in the northern Dead Sea region. In the self-guided tour, you can meet the famous Dead Sea gems on your own: download an app, get a navigation route, take a bike, wear a helmet, and attach a phone holder to the handlebars. Go out on your own with your partner or family.

For groups that request it, a local guide will join you, leading you to enchanting spots, providing explanations and insights, and bringing you back safely and happily to the starting point.

The tours depart in the summer (at dawn) and in the winter, suitable for team-building days, extended families, or couples.

Too lazy? Try our new eRider Tour

Our Bikes

Since we acquired our first pair of bicycles, we’ve added about forty more mountain bikes, most of them from the well-known manufacturer MARIN in the USA.

We have a variety of frame sizes and wheel sizes available, suitable for adults of all sizes. In addition, we have kids’ bikes in various sizes: rear child seats, trailer bikes (for electric bikes), bikes for young children aged 6-7 and up, and one tandem bike for couples.

You can also rent electric road bikes and attach a child trailer to them.

Local Guides

A unique local business in the northern Dead Sea region. We take you to our backyard. All our guides are residents of the area and tell our story through their eyes.


Slowly and cautiously, with all the required insurances. We came to enjoy, be amazed by the views, and get to know the sea that will soon (maybe) disappear. The trips are conducted with the utmost necessary caution.

One stop Shop

A group? Talk to us! We'll be happy to provide service and help with anything related to fun and team-building days or Dead Sea tours for tourists. Meals, activities, and solutions for when you get stuck.


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