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Exclusive Outdoor Dining with a Personal Chef

For Groups, in a Private and Stunning Location within the New Tourist Area in Northern Dead Sea

For the past years, I’ve been dreaming of hosting high-level group dinners at my place in the new tourist area in the northern Dead Sea.

Starting from October 2023 – we’re hitting the road!

Together with Eliahu Fishkel,  a passionate Argentinean chef, we’re bringing gourmet dinners to the Dead Sea! A variety of group menus in a stunning location, right next to the new tourist complex where bike tours, eRiders, and other group activities take place.

We invite you to dine lavishly by the Dead Sea. Our menu offerings span a wide range of prices, starting from 175 ILS per person, and the sky’s the limit.

In our location, you’ll find not only breathtaking views, shade, and excellent food but also clean facilities, electricity, water, and, of course, the renowned bike tours and off-road rides that have been a hit in previous years.

Bon appétit!

Our Chef

Like any good story, the tale of our chef, Eliahu Fishkel, begins with a dream…

Eliyahu served as a top chef in several Jerusalem restaurants until 2000, when he began to change the course of his life, venturing into finance and investments. After two decades Eliyahu decided to step out and fulfill his big dream.

Eliyahu joined the tourist center of “Yam Hamelach Biking” (Dead Sea Biking), and together, they established a unique hospitality venue alongside a foodtruck, serving delightful and special meals while enjoying an unrivaled view.


Our Food

We chose the chef for you like from the tales: with a magnificent background, knowledge, and experience that we couldn't believe we could find. And the best part – he's also a local!

Our Location

From Massada to Ein Gedi, Kalia to Jerusalem - right where you'd least expect it, we've got you covered. A stunning location with all the essentials, plus a view like no other

Our Service

Here you'll get the best service - after years in which we've accumulated the sensitivity and knowledge necessary to serve groups

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